Sept. 25th Hiring Event at Dade County High School

Are you one of the over 60% of Dade County residents that commute to Chattanooga or elsewhere for gainful employment?

If so, JobReady Dade has some news for you: your commute is costing you the equivalent of over $3/hour in gas and vehicle maintenance! Not to mention the extra hours you aren’t being compensated to DRIVE to that job!

The good news is that there are hundreds of jobs and gainful careers RIGHT HERE at home. Dozens of employers will be showcasing what their business has to offer you at the JOB READY DADE Hiring Event! Your could find your next job while enjoying a fun atmosphere with tons of prizes, including $500 cash!

Come down to Dade County High School any time between 9 and noon on September 25th. Your next job is waiting for you!